The fact was I loved having red hair.

 Call me Carrot Top, I’d just waggle my eyebrows up and down.  You noticed?  

 Sing out…”Red, Red wet the bed, mopped it up with gingerbread!”  The old shoulder wag and grin. I liked being different.  Colorful.  Nanny, nah, nah.  Made you look.

A couple of days ago on Facebook I read of “Kick a Ginger Day”.  So kids are still doing it, eh?    I hope you think this is funny and are not being mean.  Because it is kinda funny.  The old How-come-you-don’t-look-like-the-rest-of-us game.

 Know any red-heads?    

Like: our first Pres. George Washington  or     Christoforo Columbo?       

Queen Guinevere?

Thomas Jefferson

Elizabeth I of England

     Nicole Kidman,   Rhonda Fleming, Chelsea ,  and her little sister Haley?  My brothers Bruce and David,  my son Scott and I are all  grey -haired has-been’s,   but it was fun while it lasted.



The clan’s youngest Gingerhead, Haley, who more than once has cut her heavy locks and donated them to Locks-of-Love, an organization that gives wigs to children who are in cancer treatment. 

(Sweet Madelyn, her cousin, is horsing around with Haley.)

~ by dottiedoright on December 4, 2009.

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