Did you read the newspaper today?

Where’s the money?

 A local charity that supports the retarded (SAR)  has folded and there is no trace of where all the donations went.  And where is the former director? And that truck that trolls our neighborhood for donations of clothes and household items.  That guy has a store in Roseville, and has never given a cent to the organization.  He is in it for himself, and flying false colors.  


False colors again:

 Those two flakes that managed to crash  a White House soiree.  (Looking for fame?)  Those two.  Their gardener took them to court, for a past due $2,000.  This guy who works by the sweat of his brow needed to be paid.  “Sorry”, they said, “we have no money”.  So some very vigilant person, lawyer, judge, whoever, spotted a Phillipe Patek watch on  Mr.’s arm and told the court they would take that, thank you very much.  I guess those clocks are pricey.  Who knew you could do that in court?


Sweet charity:

A local poll reports that fund raisers in the Sacramento area average only 42% of collections make it to the charity.  Only one stand-out. Doctors without Borders.  They keep 70%.  Helps me know how to give this season!


I’m not impressed:

A local woman got her wish.  She flew a helicopter on her 100th birthday. (Of course there was another pilot on board.)  But these bucket-listed-goals are tiresome.  Who wants anybody flying anything other than a paper airplane with Granny at the controls? Grump, grump.


Who asked you, ACLU?

An LA middle school, the Young Oak Kim Academy, has started teaching classes in sex-segregated groups.  It is working very nicely, with different types of instruction to suit girls who like the collective role of studying and boys who have a need to act out in class. (That’s what the news article said.) Both  boys and girls are learning and liking the situation.  Now the ACLU is suing to stop it.  Stereotyping they say. 

I tried to think if I had a girls-only class.  Yep, 4-H.   Reflecting back, it was a lot different, not having boys around.  Loved it.






~ by dottiedoright on December 6, 2009.

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