Garden of the Grands

Wouldn’t it be fun to cultivate a personal garden of hybrid roses, and have the pleasure of naming them? Blending and cross blending  for such lovely traits as fragrance, stunning color, number of petals, all the details that make each rose unique.

Time and opportunity may have passed me by, but the virtual garden blooms even in this cold December. Won’t you step into mine? It is here on this page that I will nurture roses that have a special meaning to me. This is my GRAND garden. Grandmothers and Grandchildren.

The climbing rose that covers the garden wall is the “Flossie Reid”.  Dear grandmother of mine. This rose endures, it survives the coldest winters, the driest summers and displays its beauty to all. Disease resistant and blooms longer than any other rose.

This shrub rose of dramatic color and musky fragrance is “My Mother”. It is good in cold country, surviving frost and snowy winters. A trait inherited from her progenitor, “Flossie Reid”.  Her rootstock is the hardy “Cassel McLain” and also the source of her beautiful color.

Mother  loves her garden home but does not do well in bouquets. She  will last a lifetime in your garden. Beloved to me.  

As natural as sunshine this rose is “Blanche Hughes”, my little half-Indian grandmother. Low growing and ever-blooming she thrives in all temperature zones. She  is easily transplanted and adaptable. There is a constant buzzing for Blanche is a banquet table for bees.  Blanche blooms where she is planted.

 This is “Chelsea” my first granddaughter rose. Chelsea is ever-changing . From a rose-colored bud she unfolds into creamy yellow, then into a warm golden center. Chelsea makes a striking high-fashion bouquet and her lovely fragrance fills a room.

 And now the “Brooks” rose. It glows with life. He is a floribunda, blooming in mass profusion of brilliant color. His scent is slightly lemony and refreshing. The buds look smart in a buttonhole, and its color says “true love”. A prize-winner.

Made you look! This is not your everyday, rose-colored rose. This is the “Haley” rose. Brilliant candy cane coloring, on glossy dark green leaves. Stunning! And she perfumes the world with her rich spicy scent. No-one passes Haley without a comment on her special beauty. A firecracker!

 And here is “Sophia”. Catch the sweet cinnamon fragrance of this long stemmed rose. Sophia never fails to satisfy in beauty, performance, and stamina. The purity of her form and color will delight you. She is gorgeous in the garden or solo in a vase. Fabulous.

 Beautiful “Madelyn”. The scarlet blossoms claim your attention, all swirling petals, and dazzling color. And her perfume is unforgettable . You will always take time for her. Madelyn is poetry that says “I love you.”

 Aahh, “Ava”. So delicate and pristine. Ava seems to made of spun sugar, and she has a soft  honey perfume. You’ll want to say ‘thank you’ to this garden delight! She needs a protected area to grow to her full potential. Stop to admire her and she’ll make you smile.

My bonus granddaughter rose, “Bailey”. The rare lavender rose that everyone admires. She is a precious addition to any garden. Lean close and you will inhale her lilac scent. Bud or mature rose, Bailey is gorgeous.

Thank you God, for my garden.

~ by dottiedoright on December 10, 2009.

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