This is the “BelleGibert” roseIts progenitors are two very hardy strains. 

Its capacity to withstand freezing winters comes from its grandparents Dakota Lu and the famous Shaggy.

Its generous blooms and wine-like fragrance come from its French forebearer  Les Hugenots. 

This combination of traits make for spectacular blooming habits.  BelleGibert gives armloads of perfect blossoms beginning in early spring and is ever-blooming through fall.  This magnificent specimen needs no special care, just your attention when you stroll through the garden.

As snow falls one can almost hear a gentle humming that seems to emanate from BelleGibert.  Another glorious season awaits inside its generous heart.

~ by dottiedoright on December 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “BelleGibert”

  1. Dorothy, these roses are lovely. One funny thing I noticed is that my mom could certainly be called BelleGibert (she’s so pretty, inside and out!). Her parents could easily be called Dakota Lu (since Lucille was from North Dakota) and my Grampa was called Shag!! Or maybe this was taken in North Dakota at Grandma Henricks’ house and you meant for those connections to be there all along??

    • Ah, Jen, I did not explain. This was a Christmas “gift” I gave your parents. It is a virtual rose created by me, and planted in my Grafted Garden, a place where my grafted-on family roses grow. This is your rootstock rose! I shall send you via email my new cultivar, the ” Le Jolie JJ”.

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