My Heart’s Garden


This little gated corner of my garden is dedicated to special roses who have brought their sweet perfume to my life. Their names give honor to my own circle of family love.

Their color, shape of petal, fragrance, foliage, and growing habits have been  blended by nature and nurture. Three came from the same “Mama Mia” root stock:  Number One Son, My Darling Daughter, and Chris-Charisma.  They have thrived in my garden for years and yet I still turn to them first when I walk in my garden.  They lift my heart to God in sweet thankfulness.

 The garden gate is open.

This is “Number One Son”.  Yes, all the adjectives apply.  Brilliance, warmth, parade-leading personality all dazzle you.

This is a ‘healing’ rose.  Inhale the apricot fragrance, touch the glowing amber of the  petals and feel strength flow through your being.  Come body-broken to this rose and  find relief, firmness of step. Many visit Number One Son for this reason, and some say “miracle” when the transformation comes. 

Sometimes I seek his healing too, but I like the quiet times best.  Just knowing who he is.


You will be drawn to “My Darling Daughter”, she is irresistible.  The first moment that I saw her bud I knew that I had the rose I had always wanted. 

 Every visitor to my garden speaks of her unique loveliness, her generosity of blossoms, the  hypnotic rich perfume that hangs over her like a cloud. 

She is my ‘giving’ rose.  Ever-blooming, she would like to decorate the world in her vibrant colors. In bouquets she adds her delicious flavor of peaceful contemplation and exquisite artistry.

My Darling Daughter.  Truly.


This is “Chris-Charisma”, everybody wants to take this rose home.  Just as his name implies he is always the center of well-deserved attention.

 Chris-Charisma is a climber and thrives under all conditions. And he’s a  never-failing producer. You will never be disappointed in the volume of roses with Chris, or the absolutely magnificent spectacle of him in full bloom.

This is my ‘charming’ rose, always pleasing, always bringing smiles and cheer. You’ll love him, no-one can resist.  

 And now more recent additions to my heart’s garden:  The Companion Roses. 

 This is “Southern Belle”, beloved companion to Number One Son.  She adds a note of grace to my garden.

 There is a softness in her color, and her floribunda richness whispers ‘gentle’.

 One cluster of Southern Belle  blossoms on your tea table makes it a masterpiece. She loves company so take her as gifts, wear her as jewelry, carry her down the aisle. She is as pretty as her name.


 Meet “My Hero”.  Like him?  So do I!  He is My Darling Daughter’s companion rose.

 My Hero is no shy, retiring rose.  He is out there blazing away at all your senses.  His peppermint and chocolate fragrance will draw you in, and his gorgeous ruby blooms will make you do a double-take.

  Hero is a tall shrub rose, and always amazing. You’ll love spending time with him.

I will always bless the day he was planted.

Beautiful companion to Chris-Charisma, is “Delicato”.  She fills the air with femininity and style. Her fragrance is as light as champagne.

 As her name implies Delicato is thornless, and thrives in sunny, sheltered places.  She loves her garden home and brightens it with her nearly translucent quality.

Each blossom is presented on a long slender stem, and radiates the colors of the sun and the moon.  Inhale her beauty.

 Permit me to close the gate.  I know my roses  don’t need it, but I like to feel like I am protecting them.

~ by dottiedoright on December 12, 2009.

3 Responses to “My Heart’s Garden”

  1. So beautifully said♥♥♥ So amazingly felt♥♥♥

  2. wow…u have a wonderful collection 🙂
    i just bought charisma rose for myself….is it the same as the “chris charisma” in your post?

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