From Russia with Love


Matrioshka, or Babushka,  they’re beautiful.  The little grandmothers with all their generations inside.  I can’t resist staring, and sometimes buying, and sometimes gifting.

Love ’em. 

Russian folk art? That DNA test I took a couple of years ago didn’t come up with any Russian genes. (I’m mostly Mongolian and Turkish and Indian! Explains the nose.) So there’s no rationale for my passion.  I just can’t quit looking at them, seeking vendors who display them,  and counting all their babies.

This has gone on for years.   Then about ten years ago I discovered Russian shawls.  Now all my girls own one.  They are wonderful as tea-table cloths, or to throw over the back of a chair , or your shoulders, or whatever.  They are magnificent.

You can almost hear the balaika calling you to dance and twirl.

 I think “Lara’s Theme” is so beautiful.  Wrap up in your shawl, close your eyes and see the snow scene from Dr. Zhivago. 

I’ve always loved boxes, large and small.  Wooden boxes,  porcelain boxes, china, marble, tiled, paper mache….boxes, boxes, boxes.  But some of the most beautiful are the laquered Russian boxes.  Great for your pearl necklace, love notes, old coins, the key to  the secret passage way, all kinds of precious stuff.


~ by dottiedoright on December 15, 2009.

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