Escargot, Mais Oui!

Recipe:  Ninette Lange (Well in truth she is Danielle Lange, but since her husband is Daniel Lange and in French the  names are pronounced exactly the same….she goes by her childhood nickname.



She does not always tuck a cherry behind each ear.  But she always, always  prepares grand meals that are absolute perfection.

She is always quite willing to share her recipes with me. Bon chance pour moi! But I must have them translated.  Voila!

 Translation:  Arnaud Toutain,  Ninette’s charming nephew.  Ninette speaks no English, and Arnaud is fluent. Here is his translation of Ninette’s method of preparing Escargot.

  • Leave snails get starving for a couple of weeks.


  • Put some water on the fire, when it boiled put some white vinaigar and dive snails for 10 minutes.


  • Separe the body from the guts and cook the body in boiled water with some oignon, thym, laurel leaf for 2 hours under pressure. During they’re cooking clean the shells in diving them in boiled water   with some vinaigar again for 5 minutes.


  • They everthing’s cooked, put the body back in a shell cleaned and spread some butter mixed with persil, garlic, salt and black peper.


  • Put on the oven  8’ at 270C.


Mimi’s note:  Arnaud is so charming. Can you hear his accent? ( He is a registered nurse and would like to move to America and meet an American girl.) I have never used this recipe because Jack refuses to scout local countryside for snails, plus I can’t do the math on the last instruction.  If it sounds like a lot of work, you’ve got it right.   And I must tell you that one eats them (or orders them anyway) in sixes.  Six, twelve, eighteen, you get the idea.  


~ by dottiedoright on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “Escargot, Mais Oui!”

  1. Doug and I took Sophie and her friend out for dinner up in Arnold and the girls wanted to order escargot. I think the chef up there forgot to “starve” the snails because they tasted like little balls of dirt covered in garlic butter. Nothing like Ninette’s–hers were tender and tasty. And don’t forget the grenoille! (Did I spell that right??)

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