From School to Cool

I may have forgotten where I last left my car keys, but I do know where I graduated high school.

 The perky little teenager at the cash register had just chirped “There’s never been a high school in New Castle, you must mean you graduated from Coal Ridge, the community high school. ” 

Nope.  I didn’t mean that.  New Castle.  Colorado.  The Tigers.  State Basketball champs.

Chirpy looked at me and gave a slight shake of her head.  If she’d started humming the theme from the Twilight Zone it would have been appropriate.

Of course in the last fifty years new schools would have been built, the building was old when we Harcourt kids attended.  But surely the building still stood.

When I found the site, right between the Denver and Rio Grande Railroad tracks and Highways 6 and 24,  I was rewarded.  I had to just stare for a while. 

New Castle school






A teacher who loved the school bought the building and had turned it into a combination of apartments,  boutique shopping mall ,  and roller rink (the gym).  

 The Alma Mater looked like she’d had a makeover from the Avon Lady.  And flowers, flowers everywhere.   Alma you never looked so good!



~ by dottiedoright on December 30, 2009.

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