Stupefyin’ Jones of the FBI

Remember Dogpatch?  And all the unique characters who  inhabited that fine place?  Al Capp, the creator, was a genius. Yeah, he had one wheel in the sand before he closed shop, but who else could have thought up all those wildly funny characters?


 He influenced American culture.  In the 1950’s we used his words, we had Sadie Hawkins Day at every high school, and we knew that Li’l Abner was a growed up man at age 15 ½.  Some of his stuff lives on.              

I’m thinking Stupefyin’ Jones.

 No male could behold her without being stupefied.

Last night I was watching “Without a Trace”, a sometimes good, sometimes corny, sometimes awful TV show. It has run for years and so there are zillions of re-runs available for recording. It is our default entertainment when all else fails.

The plot line always starts when somebody just dissolves into thin air. They, the FBI, hunt  ‘em down.  Fair actors on this show. But we, myself and fellow watcher Jack, are always amazed at the bosomy  female FBI agents.  (Perhaps Jack is more amazed than I am.)

The female criminals, and the supporting female actresses are just 34B’s, but the agents who get the job done:  Stupefyin’!  Their office apparel dips to near navel depths so the audience will get the full treatment.  This show gives a new meaning to the Boob Tube.


                                         Remembering: Sadie, my favorite.  Someday soon I want to interview her.   Stay tuned.


~ by dottiedoright on December 30, 2009.

One Response to “Stupefyin’ Jones of the FBI”

  1. I always liked the Schmoo’s

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