How to buy a new car while in your p.j.’s

Everybody who gets the news that I now own a 2010 Ford Escape, not my beloved 2005 Bluebird, gives me the same reaction.  Now how did you do that? Here’s the bare bones answer.


On Christmas eve I came down with chills and fever, felt rotten.  Christmas is a blur, really sick.  But in scanning the newspaper I saw some interesting news about buying a new car in what was left of 2009.  The IRS will refund  the sales tax.  In the car ads big headlines proclaimed o% financing or $2,000 back if you pay cash.  Hmmm.

So on December 26, I took my ailing body to the computer and asked Google “How  can I find the lowest priced Ford Escape in the Sacramento Valley?”  A questionnaire popped up.  My personal info, the specs of the new car I wanted.  Hit send.

I took a Tylenol break and came back.  Offers were coming in and the phone was ringing!

I had to talk to a few salespeople, and their managers when I seemed unlikely to buy.  But one hotshot salesman from Sacramento Future Ford told me he could give me the exact car, exact color, and the price I wanted “this very day”.  Ice blue?  Yes, Mam.  Side airbags. Yep. Bluetooth phone capability.  Check.  Sun roof. Yes. $2,000 cash discount.

You got it.  How about negotiating the price down for your “end-of-the-year blowout”?

Said he was prepared to go 15% below dealer invoice, not the sticker price.  Ended up(after IRS refund) $7K under the sticker price. (Didn’t trade the Bluebird in either.)

Jack was playing golf.  I thought it might be fun to surprise him when he came home to his sick wife to have a new car in the driveway.  And it was.

We did the deal at my kitchen table.

 Perhaps you Great Negotiators out there could have done better,  but I loved the whole process.   Only one little hitch and I decided it didn’t matter.   The salesman delivered Steel blue, not Ice Blue.  Said he was color blind.  Good salesmanship.



~ by dottiedoright on January 2, 2010.

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