Speaking Without Words


I am not savvy enough to use hand gestures with confidence.  The old thumbs-up is just about the only gesture in my repertoire.

 Wait a minute.  The thrown kiss is in my bag too.   Mmmwaah.

I like the peace sign, also known as the V for victory sign.  But my Brit pal told me that if you turn the palm inward  you have the UK’s nastiest hand signal.  Too big a risk for someone who sometimes wears her shirt wrong-side-out.

 I want to look at what I thought was an Italian hand gesture. As a  non-Italian kid in an Italian community I sort of ‘collected’ hand gestures.   One was particularly interesting to me because it was a little scary. 


Some old-country types were seriously  afraid of the evil-eye.   They used the horn gesture to protect themselves  from the old ‘witches’ that could curse them.  Sort of a quick draw thing.

Lately I have seen gang-banger types on tv and in photos giving the signal.  Then it was explained to me that this is a satanic salute.  Homage to the Devil.  So now it means just the opposite of what I originally learned it to be.  Scusi? Hope the Italians have heard.

 So what does it mean when the president of the U.S.A. does it?  Ex-pres. I should say.  I am pretty sure I know.  He is saluting his favorite football team, the Longhorns.  Right?  Don’t they  say something like “Hook ‘em horns!” as their rallying call?

Recently I read something trying to link him to the nastier version of this hand gesture. Ridiculous. 

Had to laugh at his little-boy glee in the picture below.  I wonder if it was photo-shopped in.  Whatever.  It is funny.


~ by dottiedoright on January 5, 2010.

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