Lilac Time



 Lilacs have decorated my life.  Memories of my grandmother, spring in Colorado,  my wedding corsage,  armloads of blossoms placed on a grave,  my mother arranging them in a white pitcher…..

The fragrance, aahh!  Not artificial lilac fragrance, that is too, too much.  But the natural scent that wafts up from its generous heart. 

 The heart-shaped leaves make the shrub one big bouquet.  And I know a kid-secret about the leaves.

  Pick a leaf of any size.  Fold it along the vein down the middle (you then have a half-heart).  With the flat side to your right, grasp the top of the heart between your left forefinger and thumb. On the bottom grasp the half-heart with your right thumb and forefinger.  Pull gently in opposite directions, putting tension on the leaf.  Lift it to your mouth and blow through the two layers.  No sound, use a little more tension.  Want to change the sound a little, experiment with more or less tension.  There.  A lilac whistle.  Or a trumpet. Or just one instrument in a lilac band.

Lilacs are the symbol of love’s first emotion, so it is said.  To me they are symbolic of home, abundance, and nature’s bounty.


The word ‘lilac’ is a term we use for the color lavender.  But there are many colors.   The purity of a white lilac makes it the Beautiful Bride of the garden.


Don’t prune your lilac.  Let it grow to its full potential, up to ten feet.  It blossoms on old wood and will reward all your senses each spring.


Nostalgia, Generosity, Simplicity, God’s  blessing:   Lilacs.


~ by dottiedoright on January 15, 2010.

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