Miss Sadie



                                                                                                       Sadie I am so honored to have you on my blog!  We were born the same year, and I have always loved your story.


                           You know what is really amazin’ to me?  That I’m famous.  I even have my own day on the calendar, November 15.


                                             That’s news to me, Sadie, I thought Leap Day was Sadie Hawkins Day.  You know the day when girls get to ask guys out, or even propose if they’re really serious.


                        Sorta fits don’t it?  No, my boss, Al Capp, first introduced me to his fans when I was 35 years old, a spinster.  Here’s how it happened:  It was November, 1937.  My daddy, Hekzebiah Hawkins was the mayor of Dogpatch and knew that I was probably “the homeliest gal in them mountains”. My daddy had a lot of clout so he made up some rules for a foot race that finally got me married off. 


When he shot off his gun all the unmarried men in Dogpatch had to take off running.  After they got a little head start he shot his gun again and the unmarried women could go after them.  If’n a gal caught one and brought him back to the starting line before sundown she had herself a husband.      




                                            You were a feminist before your time, Sadie!  High schools and colleges still have Sadie Hawkins dances in your honor.  My high school even featured a foot race that the whole town turned out to watch.


 Some of those guys were really running and looking over their shoulder to see what/who was gaining on them.  And some conveniently tripped if the pursuer was the right gal.

All of us dressed in raggedy ‘hillbilly’ clothes and had a ton of fun, Sadie.  Thank you!














~ by dottiedoright on January 15, 2010.

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