And A Fine Ring It Is


A few years back a retail product became scarce because of a popular movie. 


 “Sideways”  was a hit. The plot revolved around a  couple of interesting characters tasting their way through the California wine country.  Movie-goers exited thirsty and emptied  beaucoup shelves of that distinctive red wine.


Now let me predict another similar rush to buy.  The movie this time:  “Leap Year”.  It is the classic girl meets boy, etc, etc. movie.  The acting is refreshing, the dialogue fun, and the  Irish scenery spectacular.


What will female movie fans put on their must-have list?  A claddagh ring.


I won’t reveal how the ring works into the movie’s plot, but of course it is so romantic.  The ring itself is a little bit of romance etched in gold (or silver).



Hands clasping a crowned heart.  The hands represent friendship or togetherness, take your pick.  We all know the heart symbolizes love.  And the crown stands for loyalty.


A claddagh is what you want it to be.  If it is a friendship ring, wear it on your right hand ring-finger,  crown outward.  If it is an engagement ring, just change hands.  In Ireland it is popular to use it as a wedding ring.  


If it is merely jewelry and you are not looking for romance , wear it on your right hand ring finger, reversed, heart outward.


Jewelers add birthstones, diamonds, opals and other lovely stones.  But the original ring designed in the Irish village of Claddagh about 300 years ago is not be-jeweled. 


Traditionally this ring is handed down from mother to daughter.  Hmm, one daughter, two daughters-in-law, and six granddaughters.  I’ll need nine by St. Patrick’s Day.  Better get shopping .



~ by dottiedoright on January 19, 2010.

One Response to “And A Fine Ring It Is”

  1. claddagh rings became momentarily hot with young people when vampire Angel, who was Irish, gave one to Buffy.

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