Elizabeth II, Too Beautiful for Words

My favorite female in history is the daughter of Ann Boleyn and Henry VIII,  Her Majesty Elizabeth I.

Henry and his six wives.  Ann Boleyn was Number 2 and changed history for all of us, and of course lost her head in the process.

Elizabeth had her own household from birth and did not know the trauma of her mother’s death until a little later.  I wonder who told her and what slant they gave it. The impact of it certainly stayed with her for a lifetime, since she never married.  Her sister Mary who was Queen for a short time considered ending her little sister’s life so she would not compete for the crown, but Elizabeth pleaded sisterly love and lived on to be Queen herself.

The young Princess Elizabeth who never spoke of her mother and professed to love and admire her powerful father.

I admire her bravery, her intelligence, her great strength during some very,very bad times in her lifetime. She was the red-haired queen who cared so much about how her people perceived her.  Her clothing so starchy and ornate and her hair styled to a fair-thee-well.  Later she dyed it a startling orange, and later yet had to resort to wearing a wig.   In mid-life she started using rice powder on her face and looked decidedly different.  Many movies have been made of her life and times and I’ve seen them all.  Cate Blanchett  and Glenda Jackson were magnificent in the role.

I kiss your hand, Madame, but my intention here is to salute your beautiful namesake born nearly 400 years later, Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary, today’s
Queen Elizabeth II of England.
She is about ten years older than I, and of great interest to me as a child.  She was so beautiful, and a princess!  Better than any movie star.

I remember as a teenager reading that the queen mother, another Elizabeth, regretted that her daughter had chosen to wear “lip rouge”.  What?  Lipstick was not optional!  And Princess Elizabeth was in love with a handsome prince, although  he was certainly not an all-American-heart-throb, veddy British.

We have watched her mature, this gracious lovely person  who presents herself so properly, speaks with such refinement, and lives her life in imperial privacy.  She of the total costume: dress, hat, gloves, and the ever present purse.  While the rest of the world wears blue jeans.

She met with all our presidents from Harry Truman to today’s President Obama.  And speaking of the latter, he was criticized for touching the royal person, that is a no-no, that he did not know (perhaps).  But here is a photo I love, our first lady has  her arm around Her Majesty and is being embraced in return. The newly crowned queen and President Truman.  Does the term “beautiful brunette” come to mind?With our post-war President Dwight Eisenhower.  She glows.

Isn’t this a great photo of two who love horses?  President Ronald Reagan.

All of them so elegantly beautiful, her Prince Phillip and the Kennedy’s,  President John Kennedy and wife Jaqueline.

With President George W. Bush.  Still glowing after all these years!

A few years earlier with that president’s mother and father, President George H. Bush and Barbara.

A smiling toast with our President Gerald Ford.

She has graced the covers of our magazines, always with her gorgeous smile. Long Live the Queen!

~ by dottiedoright on January 31, 2010.

One Response to “Elizabeth II, Too Beautiful for Words”

  1. I too have been fascinated with Elizabeth I. Since seeing the Tower of London in June, I can’t seem to get enough of the history of the time period of King Henry the 8th.

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