I heard my mother’s friend tell her that she had named her baby ‘Dolly’ because she looked like one.  I never cared for my own name, but at that moment I was so happy that my teenage mother had not opted to call me her Dolly baby.  Dodged that one.

But perhaps other wearers of that distinctive title didn’t feel the same.  Dolly Madison, our early First Lady known for her pleasant social graces, comes to mind.  That name nearly trumps t he nickname of one of our other lovely First’s.   Ladybird Johnson.  Yikes! 

Back to Dolly. There was a darling little girl in the 1930′ and 40’s who really was a doll, a paper doll.  Her name?  Dolly Dingle.  Her name is her persona.

A few years back it was announced by the scientific community  that a sheep had produced by cloning.  The clone’s name?  Dolly.  Is that what she was?  A dolly?

Say the name ‘Dolly’ today and who do you think of?  Of course.  Me too.

Well, not entirely true.  Dolly Madison cupcakes came to mind, but the famous Dolly, the great little country singer-songwriter, Dolly of the giant airbags, Dolly of over-the-top glamor: Ms Dolly Parton!

Isn’t she great?  She has the courage to be outrageous, to be absolutely knock-em-dead show biz.  Nobody knows the private Dolly, she never reveals that side of herself to the public.  Thank you, Dolly.  She just chirps away and dazzles us all, men and women alike.  She promoted herself and has made a fortune.  Well done.

She has changed over the years. Haven’t we all?  She was a curvy,  buxom young woman when she came on the scene.

Time and some not-so-great plastic surgery have changed her into today’s Dolly.  Please do not take this as a criticism of her,  America (me included!) loves Dolly in whatever packaging she chooses.

This little Southern girl has made a name for herself.


~ by dottiedoright on February 1, 2010.

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