Where and When

Name the city or town that travels with you wherever you go.

Yes, your birthplace.

I’m especially conscious of that fact since my birthplace seems to inspire comment whenever it is necessary to read it from my documents.  Needles, California.  Non-Californians usually do a double-take and ask if that is right?   Californians sometime say “I’m sorry”, or “Nice place to be from”.

Located on the Colorado River, downstream from the present Laughlin, Nevada,  It is only a few miles from  that state  and Arizona   It sizzles in the summer.  I recall someone trying to impress my father with that fact by frying an egg on a car fender.  I was holding on to his pant leg and trying to see the show.

The  desert landscape is just that, desert.It is located on the famous old Route 66.

My teenage parents had hitchhiked to this interesting place in search of a job with the railroad.  The Great Depression meant hard-times.  I was born there in 1937, the year that a very popular president was inaugurated:

I thought it might be fun to present some faces of people also born in that year.  You’ll recognize them all.

Jack Nicholson

Bill Cosby

The 1937 Packard Coupe

Daffy Duck

Dustin Hoffman

Jane Fonda

Colin Powell

The Spanish Civil War was going full tilt, but the average American was not much interested.  They had other things on their collective mind:

In New Jersey, the  crash of the Hindenburg, Nazi Germany’s fine airship.

Not a good year for aviation.  Amelia Earhart flew off into history that year.

King Edward VIII told his subjects he could not rule without the “woman he loved” at his side, an American divorcee. The English people answered, “Okay, then you are not King”   Here they are: the newly named Duke of Windsor and Wallis Simpson tying the knot.  (Is that her bellybutton?  Nahhh.)

Snow White, Walt Disney’s first feature length cartoon in sound made its debut to everyone’s delight.The Golden Gate Bridge was opened.1937

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