I don’t know why I can’t resist a good ‘before and after’ photo.  May I share some of my favorites with you?

First of all, our presidents, before and after serving their nation as Commander-in-Chief.

Maybe a little footnote here.  FDR died in office, so it is not exactly an ‘after’ photo.

My favorite before-and-after group is THE SMILE TRAIN, medical magicians who change children’s lives with their no-cost surgery.  We all thank you.Now for some famous make-overs:
Susan Boyle of the beautiful voice.  As she first appeared to win a talent contest.  And after the makeover artists worked on her.

Probably the most made-over face in show biz,  the late Michael Jackson.

And two beautiful ladies that admit to plastic surgery.

There are other kinds of before’s and after’s.  If your hairy as a bear there is laser hair removal.  Voila!

And if you let your housekeeping get away from you, there is always a day of reckoning.

And if you anger political enemies, as Yushchenko did, there is the awful  ever-after effects of poison.

If you are an inept photographer and snap a couple of images like this, there is Photoshop,

Balding,  you’ll look great with our elixer.

The bane of the teenager’s life, acne?  The diode laser did this in five treatments over six months.  Great, huh?


~ by dottiedoright on February 10, 2010.

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