Garden Party

I discovered the art of Nicole Dextras on my 73rd birthday and became an instant admirer of her sculpting and photography.  Her creations are both unique and magnifique.  I am dazzled by her “Weedrobes” collection!

Just look at this prom dress woven and tacked with thorns from the beautiful yucca plant.

And chou-chou slippers. Need accessories?  How about a camellia necklace?

She creates her eco-couture from fresh cuttings from her yard and discarded cuttings from her neighbors, a florist, and a Vancouver botanical garden.  She weaves them together with vines and pins them with thorns.

Here’s her Eco-Man look.

Tres chic and masculine.

A cabbage-leaf smock, the latest in vegetable-wear.

A night at the opera?  Parfait!

Button up your laurel-leaf overcoat.

Leaves and fleurs by Madame Hydrangea.

A crabapple and chard designer gown.

Her Camellia Contessa roylaty.

Thank you Nicole Dextras!

~ by dottiedoright on February 14, 2010.

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