Saw the movie “Crazy Heart”.  Wonderful  movie, hard to watch.

Let me tell you why.   In my walk through life I’ve seen too many  people I care about fall into a bottle and  drown.  I made a choice at age ten not to be a drinker, even dreaming of becoming a modern-day Carrie Nation, taking a baseball bat to liquor store shelves.   Life has taught me to live and let live, but Crazy Heart awakened  a bit of the  ten-year-old in me.

I walked out, pleased that I’d seen the movie, sorry that it was too true. After  a  period of decompression I could still hear the music.  Memorable music! And it was Jeff Bridges singing it.

I’ve never been a great country music fan, but sometimes it gets under my skin and I can’t quit hitting the re-play button in my brain and on the dashboard of my car.  The music behind the lyrics makes your very soul  dance.

I used to be Somebody,

Now I am Somebody Else.

Who I’ll be tomorrow

Is  anybody’s guess.

How did the song-writer know that was in a million hearts?  And especially in my world, the out-to-pasture retirees.  Some of us were defined by our career in our active years.  Some of us were  in strong partnership with a spouse, now gone.  Used to be Somebody.

Listen to some of the lyrics from  Fallin’ & Flyin’.  Nailed it again:

Funny how fallin’ feels like flyin’

For a little while.

You never see it comin’ til it’s gone.

It all happens for a reason,

Even when it’s wrong.

Especially when it’s wrong!

You’ll have to dance with your shoulders if your’e driving, I Don’t Know has that Cajun squeezebox sound.

You’d think by now, I’d know better.

Ain’t got a lot to show.

I could write a song, I could write a letter,

I could write book about what I don’t know.

Baby, I don’t know.

If I Needed You,  a love song you can sing as a duet .

If I needed you, would you come to me?

Would you come to me and ease my pain?

If you needed me

I would come to you.

I ‘d swim the seas to ease your pain.

And not to be ignored, in waltzes the late Bakersfield Buck Owens, the guy from Hee Haw.  He has such a twang  that you have to smile.  His song is a greeting we have all muttered under our breath…at the door or on the phone, Hello, Trouble.

Well  hello, Trouble,come on in.

Where’n the world   you been?

I ain’t had the miseries

Since you been gone.

Well  hello, Trouble, Trouble, Trouble,

Come on in.

Thank you Jeff Bridges, Ryan Bingham, T-Bone Burnett,Colin Farrell, et al, there is music in the air.

~ by dottiedoright on March 2, 2010.

One Response to “BEEN THERE, DONE THAT”

  1. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but plan to. Also, Alice in Wonderland. Gotta love Johnnie Depp!! ummmmm yummy!!

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