Once Upon a Time

The artist, Scott Gustafson, takes old folk tales and turns them into gorgeous visual masterpieces.

It seems that every culture tells the story which we call Red Riding Hood.  In truth, a dark and frightening story that can scare the stuffing out of kids.  Gustafson takes this well-known horror story and turns it into beautiful art.

Take a few moments to look at the attention to detail: the carved grandfather clock, the delicate tea cup on the bedside table, the tapestry-like curtains that are partially opened to let in the warm sunlight,  the paisley shawl on “Grandma”, and my favorite:  the patchwork and embroidered quilt.

The little girl is pure innocence.  And look in her basket of goodies.  Pictures I saw in France always included a bottle of wine in Petite Rouge’s basket. Now we know what Grandma drank in that teacup.

And now let’s visit that cottage for eight.  Don’t you love this room’s design?  The light is lovely and warm, and just look at all the hand carved woodwork.  And the tapestry tablecloth.  And the chairs.  Good food cooking on the hearth, jugs and plates on the mantel and over the door. Mmm, and the aroma of freshly baked bread, still warm on the table. Like the chandelier?

And now his best, in my opinion.   The tapestry in the background…exquisite! The lovely chair, fit for royalty. And has there ever been a more beautiful fairy tale princess? Her plate has real food, she may wear a crown, but she eats her peas like a good daughter.  For the king is at the other end of the table.  How do we know?  Look at his reflection in the serving cover.

And that absurd frog with his far-fetched tale.  What nerve hopping up on the royal table!

Should she kiss him?

Thank you, Scott Gustafson, for making once-upon-a-time beautifully visual.

~ by dottiedoright on March 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Once Upon a Time”

  1. Love this Mom–I have these displayed upstairs in our hallway.

  2. I remember seeing those in the Swift River house growing up, reminds me of the Little Red Riding Hood photos we took ages ago!

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