Lovely Spring

Spring in California and the smell of popcorn fills the air. Once more the season where the populace dines on that movie must-have and not at inflated theatre prices, thank you.  Free. Plentiful popcorn!

Aahh, Land of Plenty!

At the movies the proprietor has no popcorn trees in the parking lot, for obvious reasons.

Back to my ‘hood. The community association declares that these particular blossoms must be kept on a leash.

And if you need  a chain for that Dogwood, in California they grow on trees. Chains, that is.

Enough?  Here’s a little dessert, now in blossom.  Wild sweet crabapples.   Mmm, tart!

Thank you, God.

~ by dottiedoright on March 19, 2010.

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