One for the money, two for the show……

I’m always hoping that a new TV series will be watchable, so I tuned into “Justified”.  The billing bragged that the first show was written by Elmore Leonard and that he was an executive producer. Good enough for me, Leonard writes gritty, smart crime novels with the best dialogue ever.  (Think “Get Shorty”) and in his early years wrote what I call cowboy stories.

In Leonard’s fiction the bad guys are usually as smart and interesting as the good guys, and they get their share of the good lines.  Raylan Givens (played by Timothy Olyphant) is the series hero, and he is perfect for the part.  Don’t you hate it when a fictional character comes to life and he just does not fit your mental image?  This handsome guy stepped right out of Leonard’s “Fire in the Hole”.  To quote Goldilocks, he” is just right”.

With each turn of the plot I reminded myself to tell my brothers, admirers of Leonard and western movies, that they could actually watch this program.  Photoshop Gary Cooper in “High Noon” into modern day Kentucky –style garb and accent and you’ve got Raylan Givens.

I’ll watch it again. Of course it is not number one on my Watch List, but since there is only one other drama listed it can be a Tentative Two.  Nothing on TV can touch the acting and writing on “The Good Wife”.

As sick as I am with present day politics, I find this little slice of life dished up each week in serious style as interesting as a good book.   Julianna Margulies is the woman who stands by her man(Chris  Noth) in public as he confesses to sexual dalliances and is sent to jail for political corruption.

The supporting cast is terrific.  My favorite is Archie Panjabi, who plays Kalinda, a brainy investigator.

And my always-favorite, Christine Baranski.

I have only watched one episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” the one where Emmitt Smith searches for and finds his ancestors.  It was a terrific show.  I plan to watch it again.  I might get a Number Three for my list.

~ by dottiedoright on March 19, 2010.

One Response to “One for the money, two for the show……”

  1. Good reviews. I just might watch “The Good Wife” now. No one can best Elmore Leonard at precise effective writing.

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