Serve Manna Tonight

Remember the TV ad that was so sing-able?  A kid skipping through his neighborhood, hands in his pockets, head to the sky “WE’RE HAVING  BEEF-A-RONI!”   Made you want to dump a package of the stuff in the frying pan and whistle while you work.  It wasn’t bad, but not worth a run through the neighborhood.

Then there was Robert Mitchum telling the world what to cook tonight.  Big, handsome guy with a cowboy persona   drawling in his lazy baritone:  “BEEF.  IT’S WHAT’S FOR DINNER”.

Most heard around our household was the “OH, I WISH I WERE AN OSCAR MEYER WIENER….” In fact my number one son won a talent contest in the first grade telling a joke with that as a punch line.  Ironic, since I was raising my three as vegetarians. (That changed when they started making their own choices.)

Isn’t it the toughest part of meal preparation, what-to-have?  Some solve that by having a weekly menu that seldom varies. Monday is meatloaf, Tuesday is enchiladas, Wednesday pot roast,  blah, blah, blah. It would have made it easier at the grocery store too, don’t know why I just could not do it that way.   Blame it on my Manna Mentality.  I was always hoping  for that stuff.

Those long-time -travelers -in-circles, the Children of Israel, taking the long way home without provisions were provided that wonderful sustenance daily.  They gathered Manna each morning and it satisfied their hunger, but sometimes not their taste buds. After all they did murmur about the leeks and onions of Egypt.

Ever dream of running outside and gathering up some Manna for the table when you’re too tired to be Martha Stewart?  I have.  A lot.

Good news.  It isn’t in the back yard; it’s on the shelf at Safeway.  Buy it in multiples for those days that you want run through the neighborhood singing whatever song you wanta.  Mine’s:  MY DINNER HAS A FIRST NAME, IT’S M-A-N-N-A!”

On shopping day pick this up:

The recipe is on the box.  Almost no prep time, but the moistened matzo meal has to stay in the refrigerator for about  15 minutes to be the right consistency, and soup needs to simmer about 20 minutes.  About the time it takes to read the daily newspaper.  Aahh.

You’ll need this too. Chicken or vegetable, either is just the right flavor.


Put ‘em together, and what have you got?


And it’s okay to throw in some leeks or onions.


~ by dottiedoright on March 21, 2010.

One Response to “Serve Manna Tonight”

  1. I’m intrigued, is this a meatball? A veggie version? Either way it sounds tasty.

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