Today my granddaughter made it to Kindergarten Boot Camp!  Today Madelyn  did it!  Yesterday she stayed under her bed.

This same girl can frolic in the pool like a little seal.  Swimming the length of the pool under water.  Floats and kicks and then dives under to emerge laughing and paddling.

She will climb to the top of a slippery-slide and jump into air, landing half-way down with a scream of delight.

Me?  I’m afraid of water.  School was my element.  I was/am a coward in all things physical.

Guess we all have our own personal brand of fear. I must confess a ridiculous phobia of mine.  Then you may say “ that’s silly, they can’t hurt you.”


Say it.

The sound of the wings, the little claws on their feet, their menacing beaks, their beady eyes…. I’m under the bed.  I’m not coming out until that creature is back in its cage….has been shooed out of the house with a broom….or put back in the chicken pen.  Shudder.

You know the feeling, you fearers-of snakes, airplanes, or spiders.

I have a friend who is afraid of clowns, another nearly wrecked her car when a moth  hitched a ride, and beaucoup folks can’t look over the edge of the canyon .  So what is your scary-bear?


~ by dottiedoright on August 4, 2010.

One Response to “SCARY STUFF”

  1. Found your blog by serendipity. Glad that I did. Thank you for sharing these little pieces of your life.

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