Don’t do it, Pandora.

It’s just a myth you say?  Okay, I don’t believe it either.  But aren’t the paintings great?

And what is Guinevere saying to Lancelot as he rides off to the Crusades?  (Do I have my time-line right here?  Oh, well.) She is giving him her scarf, marking him as her Champion.  We all know that he was more than her Champion; this wife of King Arthur was over the moon for the guy.  So write your own dialogue for this beautifully illustrated moment.

Now to modern photography.  Not today-modern, digital, enhanced, etc.,etc.   This photo is worth a  few hundred words, right?   When these girls turned down the local  yokel with the words “I can’t see you, I have to wash my hair tonight”, they meant it.

Could this be  is that old trio, The Singing Harris Sisters, Harriet and Tressa, and  their mother, Rapunzel?

Step right in,

Sit right down,

Baby, let your hair hang down.

Here’s another photo taken on Mothers’ Day, 1937.   These mothers posed on the hospital steps with their babies born that year.  What is amazing to me is the age and dress of the moms.

Don’t they look like grandmothers? Look closely, thirty four mothers and only six could smile.  There must be a message here someplace.

Back to a painting. A New Testament Bible allegory by James Christensen.   Food for thought.


~ by dottiedoright on August 18, 2010.

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